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One of our trainees has made this fantastic training logbook. If you save it to your Google Drive account using this link you can then update it from anywhere. Or download the Microsoft XL file.

Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin article on DIGITAL PATHOLOGY.

Welcome to! The website for Southwest England Histopathology Trainees.  Updated January 2018 (Plymouth). I am working on an updated website currently at this link.

The very provisional 2019 training diary is here (click Training Days on the left bar to view previous years).

We are very fortunate to work in here at Derriford Hospital Plymouth with such an interesting caseload, situated on the Devon/Cornwall border with rugged picturesque Dartmoor just north of the hospital and the beautiful South Hams Devon coastline to the East.  Watch this gorgeous video showing the lifestyle available to you if you move to Plymouth. 

Head and neck pathology quiz, cases c/o Prof Gareth Thomas and slides hosted by Pathomation.

Trainees please use this service to send me large files until I get the automatic upload working again. I think this is now working again. Please try to upload your presentation here.

The latest presentations from our invited speaker Prof Marco Novelli are on The 2016 training diary ...

If you have a presentation that you think will be of interest to pathkids I have created an upload page here (please email me to let me know when you have uploaded a file and I will link it)

Pathkids recommends the following books. Please use these Amazon links below if you plan to buy one of these books it helps to support this training website.

The_EQA section includes links to online slide seminars from general and speciality EQA schemes, great revision cases!

There are several word files of example questions for MRCPath exams in this folder, and it now also includes  advice on pre-exam courses.  Thanks very much to those of you who contributed, please forward any more example questions to me

The main training page has a link to previous years diaries where you can download some of the presentations given. I don't have all the powerpoint presentations on file, so if any of you have one that is not currently posted here pls let me know and i will upload it after i have asked the consultant's permission.

The Teaching section has links to some powerpoint presentations from medical student and pathology trainee tutorials. Remember most of the useful presentations are linked from the training diary

There are some useful websites for your training on the links page

This website is under construction and hence some of the links may not currently work; sometimes links do not load and may need to be "refreshed". Please let me know about any dead links, and visit regularly for updates.

Please contact me for further information; any suggestions would be most welcome

Dr Tim Bracey

Consultant Pathologist

Derriford Hospital Plymouth

There is currently no funding or support for this website. Dr Bracey funds and updates the site from his own very limited free time and enthusiasm for the subject matter. Please please please use the amazon links here if you plan to buy anything at all from Amazon as it helps the site gain popularity and visitors.