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9th May 2007 Caroline Calder

Breast Pathology



  1. 16yo lump in breast. Cellular cohesive sheets staghorn. BBN in background. C2
  2. 39yo breast lump. Cellular. fatty globules . Groups of apocrine cells. C2 lactation
  3. 39yo mass post breast feeding. Mod cellular cohesive sheets epithelial. cells on background of pools of mucin and proliferating capillaries. C5 Mucinous carcinoma
  4. 63yo lump in breast. Cellular pleomorphic, loosely cohesive grps some cells with pigment. Appearences not typical of a primary breast carcinoma. C5. Metastatic melanoma
  5. 28yo male. Cellular discohesive pleomorphic. Late diagnosis due to age and sex of patient. C5. after bx confirmed primary breast carcinoma.
  6. 42yof cellular discohesive epithelioid. C5 primary breast carcinoma
  7. 45yof cellular only mildly pleomorphic. C4; after immuno confirmed metastatic carcinoid
  8. 32yo male; breast lump.Multiple groups of bland apocrine cells. C2; had been using anabolic steroids!
  9. 42yof breast lump feels benign. Highly cellular epithelial groups with stromal clumps and scattered BBN. C3; phyllodes tumour.
  10. 43yof lump UOQ ?FA. Cellular with loosely cohesive groups of mildly cohesive epithelial cells. Cells quite large despite relatively monomorphic appearence. C4; G1 IDC.



  1. Neodensity left breast bruising 6/52 before. B5; IDC G1 with tubular features.
  2. New calc l breast. Low grade cribriform and micropapillary DCIS with microcalcs with spectrum of changes including HUT. B5a.
  3. Fatty nodule screen detected lesion. Sclerosed FA. B2.
  4. Calcified nodules. Ducts and lobules filled with pleomorphic ductal cells with microcalcs. B5a High grade DCIS. NB. In a large focus of DCIS like this the surgeon may decide to do ANS as chance of IDC is quite high (cutoff 4mm focus).
  5. Well defined opacity. Chondomyxoid stroma containing benign tubules. B2. Hamartoma.
  6. Lump in breast 34/40 pregnant. B5. Invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features.
  7. Neocalcification left breast. Florid epithelial proliferation. B3. ADH present.
  8. Well defined lesion on screening. B5a. Encysted papillary carcinoma
  9. Distortion right breast. M3 U4. B5. Invasive lobular.
  10. Screen detected lesion. B5. G2 IDC.
  11. Mass left breast. B5. LCIS and ILC
  12. Red nipple. Inflammatory slough, skin showing full thickness atypical cells consistent with Pagets of the nipple.
  13. Lesion right breast. B5b G3 IDC
  14. Screen detected microcalcs. Lobular proliferation with associated microcalcs and associated pink secretions in lumina. B5a hypersecretory flat DCIS!
  15. Well defined lesion B5b mucinous carcinoma
  16. U3 lesion with patchy enhancement on MRI. B2 FCC
  17. Well defined enhancement ?FA. B2 fat necrosis.
  18. Microcalcs. B2 HUT.
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