A Poor Man’s opinion on EUS and EBUS: its not all necessarily ROSEy

Dr Tim Bracey. Abbreviations: PMCB = poor man’s cell block EUS = endoscopic ultrasound UBUS = endobronchial ultrasound FNA = fine needle aspiration ROSE = rapid on site evaluation Endoscopic and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EUS and EBUS) methods of sampling lesions lesions in the retroperitoneum and mediastinum otherwise difficult to reach without more invasive procedures such […]

Gastrointestinal pathology update report

Dr Tim Bracey  I recently had the pleasure of attending Roger Feakins’ GI pathology update course December 10th in London. In addition to the usual suspects, Marco Novelli, Neil Shepherd, Newton Wong, and the organiser himself, we were treated to some more excellent talks from International speakers, Profs Odze and Riddell (USA and Canada) as […]

Annika Weissferdt thymic lesions

Case 1 22 F presents with signs and symptoms of myasthenia gravis. CT chest reveals a symmetric and normal-appearing thymus for age. One small area of low attenuation is noted. DD small thymoma vs normal gradual involution during aging. Case 2 37 M recently diagnosed with ITP, undergoes splenectomy.  Persistent LUQ pain leads to CT […]

Derriford soft tissue cases

  Derriford Soft Tissue Cases Click on the thumbnail image to view the whole slide image 13264/10 76M left ankle tumour 16375/10 50M lump left foot 18094/10 60M right axilla 19172/10 44M retroperitoneal LN core bx ?NHL 3023/10 45M   6cm lesion intramuscular left calf Ah503 20M nodule on leg ?varix 33760/09 43F left foot […]