Derriford soft tissue cases


Derriford Soft Tissue Cases

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13264/10 76M

left ankle tumour

16375/10 50M

lump left foot

18094/10 60M

right axilla

19172/10 44M

retroperitoneal LN core bx ?NHL

3023/10 45M


6cm lesion intramuscular left calf

Ah503 20M

nodule on leg ?varix

33760/09 43F

left foot nodule

5152/10 70M

incidental finding of “synovial cyst” during thoracotomy

9040 31M

nodule right thigh

10660/10 45M

nodule on nose

21340/10 Elderly F

thigh lesion clinically and radiologically suspicious of sarcoma

2379/10 30M

Left ankle ? tumour ?inflammation

26278/10 55F

Left adrenal mass ?benign or malignant

26447/11 60F

lung tumour

27381/10 55M

scalp excision previous spindle cell SCC same site

28620/11_1 47F ?



28620/11_2  47F

retroperitoneal mass ?liposarcoma

28771/11 30F

Small bowel mesenteric mass. Brother has a desmoid tumour

32567/09 59F

bx L forearm

28315/11 38F

9cm intramuscular mass in thigh ?sarcoma

33470/11 40F

left hallux

4014/11 70M

recurrent tumour left forearm

65/12 69M

lump in groin for 6-8/12

7853/10 60F

12cm lesion right leg

9951/10 40F

8mm lesion right thumb

33309/17 75M

para-aortic nodule 4cm diam

34516/17 42M

gastric tumour

21292/11a 69F


Large pedunculated retroperitoneal lesion

21292/11b ?


?recurrrent tumour in  liver 2016  ?

33319/11 8F


Lump on R upper arm, sent ?pilomatrixoma


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