“What lies beneath”: getting the gist of GIST and submucosal mimics in the oesophagus and stomach: SW Regional teaching December 2022

Slides hosted on “University of Leeds” https://www.virtualpathology.leeds.ac.uk and Pathomation.


Case 1. 35M ?GIST distal oesophagus EMR. Whole slide image link from Leeds , another one from me with S100.

Case 2. Submucosal oesophageal mass suspected GIST. H&E slide.CD117. SMA.

Case 3. Incidental Gastric mass resected during staging of oesophageal cancer; Slides.

Case 4. 80F polypoid intraluminal mass gastric fundus EUS FNA. Click for WSI. CD117. DOG1.

Case 5. 69F EUS FNA gastric submucosal mass. Click for WSI, CD117, DOG1.

Case 6. 71F open removal of GIST from distal stomach. Click for H&E. IHC.

Case 7. Female early 40s. Intermittent gastric outlet obstruction. Antral polyp removed by gastrotomy. Whole slide image at this link. CD117, DOG1 and CD34 negative.

Case 8. Female 40s. Gastric outlet obstruction for “GIST”. Slides from Leeds.

Case 9. 62F gastric body submucosal polyp in gastric body mucosa. WSI of H&E. Chromogranin.

Case 10. 46M with a 3.5cm lesser curve gastric tumour TXN1 on CT. H&E1 H&E2. Synaptophysin.

Case 11 59F Gastrectomy for gastric tumours. History of pituitary, pancreatic and parathyroid tumours. H&E slide from body of stomach.

Case 12 . 58F large gastric polyp EMR, previous gastric adenoma. WSI of H&E. WSI of Synaptophysin stain

Case 13. Man in 70s. Post chemo oesophagectomy. Whole slide image at this link. Chromogranin.

Case 14. Female in 70s. Oesophagectomy no preop treatment. WSI at this link. Chromogranin 1. CDX2.

Case 15. Woman in 60s, suspected linitis on CT but mucosal surface looks normal. H&E slide here. Look at slide labels for IHC. IHC1. IHC2. IHC3.

Case 16. Pyrexia of unknown origin. Obstructing small bowel GIST at postmortem.

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