Artificial Intelligence versus immunohistochemistry

Pathologists often use immunohistochemistry (IHC) to confirm what we already know, or strongly suspect from the H&E slide. AI can now assist us in a similar way such as identifying a tiny focus of cancer in a gastric biopsy, for which we might use a cytokeratin immunostain for confirmation. Like IHC it will allow us … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence versus immunohistochemistry”

Signet ring changes in gastric and colorectal biopsies

Despite these concerning features, both are from benign conditions. The first (Figure 1A) is from a fundic gland polyp in a patient on long-term proton pump inhibitor therapy. The gastric gland epithelial cells have exuberant cytoplasmic vacuolation which can be demonstrated using anti-H+ ATPase antibody immunohistochemistry and ABPAS to be parietal cells and to lack … Continue reading “Signet ring changes in gastric and colorectal biopsies”

Some thoughts on resilience.

As a biologist first, with medicine as my second career I often think of resilience as it applies to the natural world. If humans were wiped out by a meteorite or a new pandemic tomorrow it wouldn’t take very long for vegetation to engulf our cities and erase the superficial evidence of centuries of modern … Continue reading “Some thoughts on resilience.”

The nomadic digital pathologist

I often use a “cars and roads”analogy to explain certain aspects of #digitalpathology . Large high throughput scanners can be compared to fast cars, but without good quality roads linking large cities (hospitals) they can gather dust in the garage.In this article, I explain that you don’t necessarily need a Porsche or a Lamborghini to … Continue reading “The nomadic digital pathologist”

“What lies beneath”: getting the gist of GIST and submucosal mimics in the oesophagus and stomach: SW Regional teaching December 2022

Slides hosted on “University of Leeds” and Pathomation.   Case 1. 35M ?GIST distal oesophagus EMR. Whole slide image link from Leeds , another one from me with S100. Case 2. Submucosal oesophageal mass suspected GIST. H&E slide.CD117. SMA. Case 3. Incidental Gastric mass resected during staging of oesophageal cancer; Slides. Case 4. 80F … Continue reading ““What lies beneath”: getting the gist of GIST and submucosal mimics in the oesophagus and stomach: SW Regional teaching December 2022”

Wear sunscreen parody : get the vaccine!

I wrote this in the waiting room after my booster jab. hope you like it! NB. not medical advice or necessarily reflecting my political views “Wear Sunscreen Parody for Pathologists” Ladies and gentlemen pathologists of ‘2020 and beyond: Get the vaccine. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, vaccination would be … Continue reading “Wear sunscreen parody : get the vaccine!”