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Most of these cases are interesting or good examples of cases I have come across, with my own interpretations added. Please do not quote these elsewhere, or download and use these pictures elsewhere without my permission!

Head and Neck

Adenoid cystic carcinoma presenting as a nasopharyngeal mass

Multifocal nodules in superficial parotid in lady with Birt Hogg Dube syndrome clinically pleomorphic adenomas!

Craniofacial resection of a massive palate/maxillary tumour preoperatively PLGA

 FNA cytology Thy5 with microcalcs

Skin tumour

signet ring Spitz naevus

subcutaneous nodule in man with oesophageal cancer (unexpected finding!)

Multiple skin nodules on face in man with HIV and low CD4 count ?BCCs

BCC anal skin tag

carcinoma with pilar differentiation and florid benign melanocyte colonisation

Skin non-tumour

Pemphigus vegitans groin biopsy

AIN and granulomas in a patient with possible Crohns perianal inflammation




NET on EBUS biopsy


Upper GI and Pancreaticobiliary

Oesophageal carcinosarcoma long term achalasia

Heterotopic pancreas gastric body

Gastric nodule presumed GIST!

Drug-related enteritis duodenal biopsy

Primary oesophageal malignant melanoma

Lower GI

Metastatic intramucosal colorectal adenocarcinoma.

gastric fundic gland polyp in a patient with FAP

rectal ulcer ?proctitis

Soft Tissue

Rare occipital soft tissue mass in youngish female including FNA pics

Renal and Urology

Obs and Gynae

Multiple peritoneal nodules in a 70 year old female


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