Sending here are questions from FRCPath part 1 September 2011



  1. Lymphomas : Brief description with Immunos
  1. Igs; follicular pattern: Follicular
  2. Alk + : Anaplastic
  3. Large pleomorphic cells: DLBCL
  4. Cyclin D1 + : mantle cell
  5. C myc+; Starry sky:  Burkitt’s

( sorry can’t remember all immunos; but they were useful, not misleading)

  1. Skin lesions- Only IF description given..all classical
  1. Bullous Pemphigoid
  2. Pemphigus vulgaris
  3. Discoid Lupus
  4. Dermatitis herpetiformis
  5. ?? can’t remember

  1. Jaw bone cysts: Long descriptions


Odontogenic keratocyst


d. e ??

4.   Thyroid lesions: Classical descriptions

        a. Papillary: Inclusions , Grooves and all


       c. Reidle’s

       d. Subacute

       e. ?? Dyshormonogenic

5.  Bone tms – Descriptions with gross

       a.Osteosarcoma; Elderly male ass. With paget’s

       b. Ewing’s ;  Young child with destructive tm

       c. Chondrosarcoma: Rib tm 

       d. Osteoid adenoma

d osteoma:  night pain ; relief with aspirin

 e. Fibrous dysplasia

6.FNA- neck mass around angle of mandible

a. Pleomorphic adenoma

b. Muco epidermoid ca

c. Warthin’s

d. Adenoid cystic


7. Amyloidosis : description given ;identify type of amyloid

a. RA

b. Alzeimer’s

c. Myeloma

d. Senile AA

e. Haemolysis

8. GI polyps with PR bleeding

a.  Hyperplastic

b. Peutz zeghers

c.  serrated adenoma

d. Juvenile

e. Mucosal prolapse syndrome

9. Ovarian tms – Brief description with mostly immunos

a. Borderline mucinous

b. Granulosa cell tm

c. Rectal mets

d. Dysgerminoma

e. Yolk sac

10. Prostate needle biopsy : Brief description with immunos

a. Gleason Grdae 3

b. mets renal

c. TCC

d. Acute prostatitis

e. Adenoca.

11. PM findings of cardiovascular lesion as COD

a. Dilated CM- chronic alcoholic

b. Myxoma- syncopal attacks

c. Dissecting AA- tearing pain

d. IE- Young man with IV drug user, skin sepsis

e. ? Cor pulmonale

12. Renal lesions

a. Thrombotic microangiopathy

b. ATN- 

c. Myeloma

d. DM

e. ??

13. Infections

a. MY. TB- HIV a on HAART

b. Cl defficile- cream coloured patches

c. Malaria-  visit to Africa, fever , RBCs with blue dots

d. Aspergillus-  Regularly branched hyphae

e. E. Histolytica- Liver cysts


  1. Specimen  mix up;  need to inform consultant but he is not available . First step of action ---- Check sp. form labels and pot labels
  2. Chr. Anomaly Complete mole
  3. PM MRI sensitivity for detecting which condition—aortic dissection/ coronary thrombosis/ PE
  4. Hyper CM which protein responsible??--- α MHC / β MHC/??
  5. Haemocromatosis – Iron deposition in hepatocytes mainly Which abnormality in HFE gene?---  point mutation/ Deletion/ Translocation/ nucleotide repeat
  6. Breast lesion – Phyllodes
  7. Breast abcess  biopsy code
  8. Ca breast with LN  mets > 0.24mm. Which stage ??--- pn(i)/ pn(mi)/ pn(sn)/ pna
  9. Endometrium secretary phase with small nodule < 1cm , PLAP +, CK+---- Placental site nodule/ PSTT/ Ca/ ??
  10. Aute alcohol intaoxication in young girl COD??---  ketoacidosis/ Resp. depression/  
  11. Description of  Darier’s dis. ----Identify condition
  12. LDP  with variable cells with kappa light chains, CD10+, CD 19+, CD1-. Which condition??----- Follicular Ly./ Myeloma/ Mantle CL
  13. Sudden non traumatic death in young man COD??-----Previous heparin inj./ stimulant abuse/ other non acute causes
  14. Identify lesion; Description Papillary ca. thyroid diffuse sclerosing variant
  15. SNOMED coding : Audit code for pathology of infrctive organism
  16. Actinomycets
  17. 20yr /M LN with follicular hyperplasia, Granuloma, Stellate necrosis, few polys--- B. hansale, Toxoplasma, Yersinia, TB
  18. NLPHL diagnostic immune----cd15/ cd 20/ ??
  19. 63/F Had borderline changes  5 yrs ago, 3 negative smears afterwards. What is next step for follow up------ No more smear
  20. Large bowel with slit like spaces containing RBCs; which organism??-----CMV/ HSV/ HPV/??
  21. Parathyroid gland : Normal weight and size
  22. Headache with visual loss. Pituitary tm 2cm with amyloid, microcalcification. Tm secreting what??------------ACTH/ Prolactin? GH/ ??
  23. Biphasic bone tm , Synovial sarcoma----- Translocation