Training days

Please see below some of the most useful links for trainee pathologists

General and training

Powerpoint presentations from the April 2008 BDIAP seminar "Approach to Cut-Up; Macroscopic Examination as the Precursor to Accurate Microscopic Interpretation" are available. See links for lung cut-up, Skin, Upper GI, Lower GI, Breast, Urology, Gynae, and Endocrine

Royal College of Pathologists - our online "bible". all trainees should be logging into this site regularly to check for updates to minimum datasets and guidelines. Now has an online CPD portfolio

Pathology resident Wikilinks - a comprehensive list of links for histopathologists 

WHO tumour classifications - many of the fascicles are online here as free pdf files!

Leeds Virtual Pathology - Some good high resolution virtual slides including online quizzes. Takes a bit of getting used to and need a fast computer but a very useful resource!

Notes and pictures

Pathology Outlines - Excellent up to date site includes bulleted notes and links to macro/micro pics. Also has a really good case of the week, click this link to send email and subscribe

http://surgpathcriteria.stanford.edu/ - similar resource to pathology outlines- great bullet pointed lists.

Pathopic photo database - German site with huge collection of macro/micro/pm/cytology photos

Pathpedia.com - This site looks to have very good potential and includes an "immunopedia" section

Emedicine - Perfect for finding the most recent info on even the most obscure diagnoses

Visual Histology -  A nice american site with some good photomicrographs and video links

http://test.pathologyportal.org/newindex.htm?hub.htm - loads of short course/ online presentation to look at. 

Autopsy / Forensic

Forensic medicine notes - Professor Pounder from Dundee University

Forensic science notes - From enotes "World of Forensic Science"

 http://www.forensicmed.co.uk/- website aimed at medical students

Immuno and diagnostic

Vade Mecum - The latest version you can run straight from your web browser

Immunoquery - compare 3 suspected tumours, hit a button and you know what immuno to request!

Pathpedia - a comprehensive american site including a useful "immunopedia" section

http://www.surgpath4u.com/ - great image resource


Cytology Stuff - Excellent site with huge gynae and non-gynae image resource and Case studies

Head and Neck

BDIAP seminar histories - a good series of head and neck pathology cases. The scanned slides are here

This is a Head and Neck cytology and histology quiz based on a series of real cases I reported in a one-stop head and neck clinic. The first six may not be diagnosable on screen but are included to demonstrate some of the technical difficulties with head and neck cytology (eg. why it is important to spread the material properly on the slides). The link should be working now!


Brain tumour neuropathology - approach to the diagnosis of common brain tumours by Dr Kathreena Kurian

Neuropathology web.org - an illustrated, interactive course, designed to teach neuropathology to medical students and residents.

Neuropathology Mini-Course for Residents - VCU department of pathology


Dermpath EQA - National Specialist Dermatopathology (NSD) EQA Scheme

Edinburgh Dermatopathology - has some virtual slides includes some cutaneous soft tissue neoplasms

Mihm's dermatopathology - in-depth discussions of important and challenging  cases, including photographs and suggestions for further reading, and is updated  the first week of each month.

Skin and soft tissue.com -the inflammatory skins are organised in reaction patterns like Weedon. Could do with a bit more description for each entity but not bad for beginners

Breast and Endocrine

Breast pathology on the web -  a very good UK site run by Dr Jeremy Thomas, Consultant Pathologist at Edinburgh Breast unit

NHSBSP guidelines - for pathology reporting in breast disease  

Atlas of breast histopathology - virtual microscopy atlas. Also see breastpath (more patient oriented)

Breast pathology pics - from webpathology.com

http://ukeps.com/ - UK site with great atlas and guidelines



Sudden death autopsy Patrick Gallagher's lecture with great pics and explanation of degrees of certainty (Davies criteria)

Pathology of obstructive airways disease - excellent gross and micro pics of basic lung pathology

Mediastinal pathology - very good pics and descriptions of WHO thymoma classification among others (new section of webpathology.com)


Lymph node pathology slides and quiz - University of Indiana site

Lymph nodes and spleen - some good photos from WebPathology.com

Upper GI and Pancreaticobiliary

Liver Histology - a nice introduction with animated pictures

Liver Pathology Seminars - A set of comprehensive liver pathology lectures (with audio!) by Prof Peter J Scheuer from UCL

Webpath at Utah - nice macro pictures and histology of liver diseases

BSG guidelines for diagnosing Barrett's - free pdf file

National GI EQA - includes digitised images

Lower GI

Phil Quirke Colorectal cancer - useful information about lower GI cutup including TME and sphincter grading

BSG guidelines for diagnosing Inflammatory Bowel Disease - free pdf file

Reporting lesions in the bowel cancer screening programme - posted on the Leeds virtual pathology website, clarifies new guidelines for dysplasia - posting on the NHS BCSP site

Soft Tissue and Bone

Bone tumours - tutorials for pathology residents

Skin and soft tissue.com - see above

http://njms2.umdnj.edu/tutorweb/introductory.htm - introduction to bone tumours


self test on  bone path

Renal and Urology

Uropathology webcasts - hosted by ACP, live until July14th 2010

UK Renal EQA - includes some digitised images

Webpathology - archive of urological pathology with some excellent photos of those confusing Gleason grades!

Modern Pathology article - open access article on Gleason grading including pitfalls and prognostic factors

Obs and Gynae

Endometrium.org - Explains concept of EIN, and includes online lectures

Very good photo atlas of Borderline ovarian tumours from Chicago


Dr Jon Oxley's homepage - red of hair and sharp of wit, Jon is a red-hot pathologist and teacher

Please contact me for further information; any suggestions would be most welcome


Dr Tim Bracey