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Training days are held on the second wednesday of the month alternating between Bristol and Exeter

Bristol training sessions will be in the medical school teaching labs opposite the department of Chemistry, the morning session between 10am and 12pm, afternoon between 1 and 3pm. In Exeter the sessions will take place in the seminar room of the Department of Histopathology, morning 10-12, afternoon 2-4pm.

Please contact me for more details.
Date Session Speaker Topic
Jan 11th AM Dr Nassif Ibrahim Interstitial pneumonias/lung diseases
Bristol PM Dr Nassif Ibrahim Unusual lung tumours
Feb 8th AM Dr Chris Mason Adnexal skin tumours
Exeter PM Dr Alison St John Bladder Pathology
March 8th AM Dr Jo Mathew Management in pathology
Exeter PM Dr Bruce Lyons Glomerulonephritides
April 12th AM Dr M Sohail Testicular tumours
Bristol PM Dr Kathleen Romaine Thyroid cytology
May 10th AM Dr Steve Gould Placental and perinatal pathology
Bristol PM Dr Debbie Cooke Forensic pathology
June 14th AM Dr Clive Holgate Differentiating hyperplasias and in situ carcinomas of the breast
Exeter PM Dr Paul Newman Inflammatory skin disease
September 13 AM Prof Neil Shepherd Inflammatory bowel disease and GI biopsies
Bristol PM Prof Neil Shepherd GISTs (after lunch sponsored by Novartis)
October 11th AM Dr Frances McCormick Pancreatic cutup and tumours
Exeter PM Dr Paul McCullough Renal tumours
November 8 AM Dr Charlie Keen Neoplastic bone tumours
Exeter PM Dr Dean Harmse Head and neck cutup (CANCELLED)
December 13 AM Dr Caroline Calder Correlation of breast cytology and core biopsies
Bristol PM Dr Morgan Liver pathology


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