Annika Weissferdt thymic lesions

Case 1 22 F presents with signs and symptoms of myasthenia gravis. CT chest reveals a symmetric and normal-appearing thymus for age. One small area of low attenuation is noted. DD small thymoma vs normal gradual involution during aging. Case 2 37 M recently diagnosed with ITP, undergoes splenectomy.  Persistent LUQ pain leads to CT … Continue reading “Annika Weissferdt thymic lesions”

Katherine Syred Lung teaching September 2018

# Histology no. History Question Clickable slide 1 24252-17 79 male –  Lung mass,  ?what and subtype 2 24701-17 74 woman, lung mass please subtype 3 52676-17 or 32627/17_2J  78 male, peripheral lung mass please subtype 4 14416-17  81 year old woman, central lung mass, N1 disease. please subtype 5 33378-17  88 year old  woman, … Continue reading “Katherine Syred Lung teaching September 2018”